7 Ways To Improve Your Heart Health

7 Ways To Improve Your Heart Health; High resolution man drawing chart heartbeat

While any health issues related to one’s heart can be challenging, it is important to take control of your heart health. Depending on your circumstances, some level of medical intervention may be recommended by your physician whether it be medication or a procedure. To prevent the need for intervention or to supplement your treatment plan, there are several ways to improve your heart health through simple lifestyle changes.

Prior to making any of the changes or implementing some of the strategies listed below, it is important to talk with your healthcare provider to ensure that none of the following are contraindicated by your health status or heart health at the present time.

1. Aerobic Activity

Being physically active, especially in an aerobic capacity, is one of the best ways to improve one’s heart health naturally. By training the cardiovascular system, the heart gradually builds added muscle and becomes more efficient at delivering blood to the rest of the body.

2. Resistance Training

Even with minor amounts of resistance, beginning resistance training at the extremities can provide amazing benefits. The muscle contractions that occur cause blood to be pumped quicker and more efficiently, proving for a better feedback loop between the heart and the body. 

3. Manage Blood Pressure

Going hand and hand with physical activity, blood pressure can often be reduced even moderately with subtle increases in physical activity. As the heart becomes more efficient, less strain occurs when pumping blood out the rest of the body. This reduces stress on blood vessels.

4. Reduce Cholesterol

By eating foods with less saturated fats and processed sugars, there is less blockage occurring within the body’s blood vessels. When there is a better flow of blood to and from the heart, it can operate under less amounts of stress as it is able to be consistent in its flow and pumping. 

5. Eat Consistently

Throughout the day, ensure that you are eating regular meals and incorporating proper nutrients. Starting the day with a nutrient-rich breakfast will provide a great-added benefit. 

6. Limit Sugar

By cutting back on sugar, both in fluid form and processed snacks, one can substantially decrease the strain on their heart and start dropping weight just by changing over to healthier options. Switching out juice for water and cookies for walnuts is a good start.

7. Prioritize Your Mental Health

While this is far easier said than done, many people don’t realize that one’s mental health can place a strain on the heart. By practicing meditation, yoga, or other relaxation techniques, it is possible to develop a more peaceful frame of mind and improve your heart health.

While lifestyle changes can certainly help when it comes to your heart and overall health, it’s important to consult a licensed medical professional that is trained and experienced in helping patients achieve optimal cardiovascular health. 

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